E-Gen 95 is a 95 octane ethanol-enriched unleaded blend
that not only has a price point below unleaded petrol,
but also provides better performance and a cleaner burning fuel.


E-Gen 98 is a premium high-octane unleaded fuel
that maximises engine power and performance,
as well as producing less pollution.

E-Gen 98 offers excellent fuel economy, and has
low levels of benzene, sulphur and lower aromatics. 

EGEN Diesel

E-Gen diesel, a 20 per cent biodiesel blend,
is a cost-effective renewable fuel alternative
for diesel engines.

It is a safe, clean-burning option that reduces
carbon monoxide emissions by up to 25 per cent,
breaks down four times faster than traditional diesel
and eliminates the unsightly black cloud
traditionally associated with diesel engines.

Produced from domestic sources such as tallow,
linseed, canola and cotton seeds, E-Gen diesel also
reduces Australia’s dependence on foreign oil companies
and enhances the rural economy.

It is widely used across a range of industries including,
marine and shipping, construction, agriculture, transport
and forestry.

Unleaded Petrol

Unleaded Petrol is the most common fuel type
in Australia for passenger vehicles.

It is a refined fuel for spark ignition engines
blended to meet the requirements of
modern automotive engines.

Similar to Premium Unleaded Petrol,
it allows for easy starting, quick warm-up and
full power under all climatic conditions.

Premium Unleaded Petrol

Premium Unleaded is a special blend of petrol
designed to bring high octane performance
to unleaded cars with a high octane requirement.

Premium Unleaded is seasonally blended
to help cars start easily, and because of the
higher energy content, gives the potential for
a reduction in fuel consumption all year round.


Diesel is a highly refined, clear fuel with lubricating properties
to maintain protection of fuel pumps and injectors.

It is commonly used as a transport fuel in domestic and
road haulage vehicles, marine, industrial and mining equipment.

UniGas (LPG)

LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, which is made up of propane and butane, and can be stored and transported separately or as a mixture.
UniGas is our supplier of choice for LPG and Autogas.


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